Almost All Men And Women Have A Normal Occupation, I Just Go To The Casino And Earn Money By Slot Machines

Submitted on 17.05.14

I preserve my massive winnings on the slot machines quiet and that is why a good deal of folks get in touch with me the silent striker. Most of the time (but not all of the time) people are shocked when they discover just how much I have won. I have learned the tough way that some individuals do not consider kindly to these who win most of their revenue. - linkedin. I have been ridiculed and somebody even experimented with to strike me once. Now, when I win I know to ask the protection guards to escort me to my car when I go away. It truly hurts my emotions when folks call me a cheater because I have never cheated and I have never stated I have a system for winning.

Picture my surprise when I hit a huge jackpot when I was a very poor college pupil the first time I gambled. My pals thought there was no far better way to rejoice my twenty initial birthday than smacking up the casino, acquiring drunk and flirting with men.

I determined to get a likelihood on a wheel of likelihood game. I held my breath as I missing the first spin. I went a single a lot more time and turned a $two wager into 325K. Even right after the huge amount of taxes I nonetheless had sufficient to get me out of financial debt and help me complete college.

I was so thankful for the economic windfall the 1st win gave me, but I could not reside on that forever. My globe arrived to a halt and then got an entire good deal better when my up coming win was a 2.1 Million dollar jackpot when my boyfriend shocked me with a journey to Atlantic Town. Slot Machine Jackpot Dispute.

I went on the excursion to have a great time I by no means dreamed that I would win so much cash. The biggest progressive pot was on a slot machine so I sat down and went for it. That win paid off the financial debt I incurred because the first win and acquired me my huge stunning residence in the mountains. The previous deal with it gave me was the nest egg to fund my business.

I strike my third and previous jackpot numerous a long time after the second large win and I loved several more compact wins in between. Slots will usually be my blessed machines since I have only won the jackpots on them the more compact wins arrived from playing blackjack and poker.

I received to see locations I would have in no way gotten to see if I experienced not been so lucky in life. I still go to the casinos on a monthly foundation and I still win, but I have in no way won yet another jackpot.