Not A Lot Of Individuals Have Their Honeymoons Paid For Off Of Slots

Submitted on 05.07.14

Given that I am a single of the most untraditional women you would at any time know, I knew my wedding experienced to be just as unique as I am. My spouse talked about that he imagined it would always be enjoyable to go to Las Vegas for an elopement and honeymoon, which I had by no means thought of. And we will in no way neglect it because our lives changed in more methods than a single that month.

We went down to one of the wedding boutiques to get married. Elvis Presley was the officiant and my father walked me down the isle. The ceremony was amusing but extremely unforgettable. Right after the ceremony we experienced a great evening meal and then proceeded to get really drunk and gamble. I was consuming margaritas and champagne (not a good mix) the complete night time which turned every thing into a blur in my memory.

We went to at the very least 5 various casinos and strip clubs but I discovered myself secure in my mattress the up coming early morning, so that was a great thing. In fact, the ceremony and the first component of dinner is the only factor I remembered about that evening, but at least I woke up risk-free in my bedroom the subsequent early morning. No a single was in my area woke up, not even my husband, but I did find a note telling me they have been all downstairs.

I did not want to skip breakfast with my loved ones so I hurried up and pulled myself together and headed down. Everybody in my loved ones, such as my new spouse, are coffee drinkers, so I headed down to the diner initial. I noticed everyone crowded close to a table consuming scones, consuming and laughing loudly.

I walked more than to the table and everyone whistled, shouted and clapped for my entrance. I was really embarassed as they teased me about being so drunk final evening. I appolgized because I experienced no concept what acquired into me final night time. Somewhere in the course of all that teasing, my mom said something about my large win was paying for this meal we have been all possessing.

I rapidly reminded her that I remembered absolutely nothing about last night time and did not know what she was speaking about. They all appeared a tiny stunned that I did not bear in mind what happened previous night even though I received wasted.

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I need to have seemed as pale as a sheet simply because my mom took my hand and stated, "honey, you won $382,000 final night time on the slots." I imagined they have been messing with me, but it turns out that it was accurate,  simply because my partner confirmed me the be aware that stated how much money I won last evening.